Proteam E100

O2 Cardio Series

  • Spin Bike
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  • Handrail with waterproof anti-sweat protective layer, equipped with 12-degree tilt ergonomic angle handlebar, and double kettle stand.
  • Competitive level memory foam seats to reduce the fatigue of long rides, with ergonomic design for a more comfortable ride.
  • Fine flat welding process to form a smooth professional finish, with a combination of blue,black, and gray, for an impressive and futuristic look.
  • Size: 143 x 65cm
  • Multi-groove belt, utilising more lightweight, high-grade material.The low noise, easy maintenance system giving a more intense riding experience.
  • 24KG CNC carbon steel flywheel, for better riding stability, reducing rider fatigue by flywheel inertia utilisation design.
  • 2-option Professional grade pedal, with dedicated bike riding shoe slots , allows for a more secure ride.