HERA Treadmill

Hera-9000 & 8000 Android

  • 23″ LED TV Monitor (High Definition Full HD TV)
  • Heart Rate Monitoring System (Contact/Wireless Wearable Device)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • USB Inlet to watch video, listen music, and charge mobile phone battery.
  • Auto Stop Function for Safety when not used.

*Hera-9000 Android

  • Android Operation system
  • Body Composition Analyzing Function (Body Fat)
  • Multi Bluetooth Function (Compotible with Headphone & Wearable Heart Rate Monitoring device)

HERA-7000HD, 7000S

  • 15″ Integrated HD Digital TV Provides high quality picture and touch screen function provides the most convenience.
  • Soft Touch Button are easy and convenient to use. Unlike membrane type buttons, this soft touch panel blocks the static electricity penetrates into controller. The lifespan of this panel is semi-permanent.
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Additional information

Weight 235 kg
Dimensions 228 x 101 x 72 cm